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Service Advisor Certification Series

This course series explores the drivers and leading best practices for creating a truly exceptional service experience. The ten courses teach what is expected and what can be achieved with every guest interaction, and to support every guest interaction, from the first task in the service lane experience to the very last. Service Advisors who complete the series will have a strong understanding of each step in the optimal guest handling process and be more capable of providing a world class service experience, every time with every guest.



Course Descriptions

Prepare for the Guest

This course examines the benefits and best practices of adequately preparing for your guests.  Good preparation starts the guest relationship off on a positive note and in this course service advisors will learn the benefits of preparation and how to do it properly.

Initiating Guest Interactions

This course explores initiating the guest interaction and steps service advisors should follow with each guest as they arrive in the service department.  The optimal guest handling process is introduced and advisors who complete this course will be better prepared to provide a world class experience to their guests at the time of reception.

The Walk Around

This course goes in-depth on how service advisors should introduce the multi-point inspection and conduct a walk around with each guest at the time of arrival.  It provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide where advisors will learn to successfully and consistently do walk arounds with every guest, every time.

Writing a Great Repair Order

This course looks at a tried and true process that works for writing great repair orders, some of the challenges that advisors face with executing the process and some best practices for writing great repair orders when vehicles have issues many technicians find hard to diagnose.  The course also discusses the critically important role each service advisor plays in ensuring vehicles are fixed right the first time.

Increasing Menu Sales

The service advisor’s role is to educate, advise and inform the guests on their vehicle’s maintenance needs.  This course examines the benefits of and sales techniques involved with service advisors increasing maintenance menu sales at the time of guest arrival.  The techniques covered in this course rely on a needs-based, no pressure sales approach that provides guests with options and ensures a relationship is developed during each guest interaction.

Facilitating the Repair

This course looks at some things that can be done behind the scenes to make a guest’s maintenance and/or repair visit go more smoothly.  Service advisors completing this course will be better informed on what tasks they should be doing while each guest’s vehicle is in the shop and how to improve their personal time management skills.

Status Communications

This course looks at providing status updates to the guest during their service experience.  It explores best practices to ensure communication is thorough, timely and effective.  Service advisors who complete this course will learn how to properly prepare for each status update and improve their presentation skills when discussing maintenance and repair needs with their guests.

Increasing ASR Sales

This course examines the benefits of and process involved with increasing Additional Service Request (ASR) sales with each guest, every time.  Service advisors will learn a proven sales process that will make them more effective during every sales call.

Overcoming Sales Objections

This course considers the roadblocks service advisors may encounter in the form of customer reluctance to purchase needed maintenance and repair on their vehicle.  It explores best practices and solutions advisors can utilize when facing several different real-life scenarios.  The course defines selling and discusses how service advisors must embrace their role as a salesperson within the dealership environment.

Active Delivery

The final course in the Service Advisor Certification series examines the process and best practices of completing the optimal guest handling process with a well-executed active delivery.  The course highlights the importance of finishing strong to leave a positive lasting impression with each guest and ensure their experience was one that far exceeds their expectation for a service provider.


Service Drive Personnel Job Excellence Certification

In this new 4-part series, Porters, Valets and Cashiers gain certification by learning the techniques and etiquette needed to provide an exceptional Service Drive experience. This series explores the leading best practices for guest satisfaction and retention.

Part 1 – Introduction and Overview
Part 2 – Customer Service Skills
Part 3 – Handling Incoming Vehicles
Part 4 – Vehicle Redelivery

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